A sampling of comments on Pindar Pythian 6

A sampling of comments on Pindar Olympian 5

2017.11.10 | By Maša Ćulumović Olympian 5 is one of the few Pindaric odes that lack a mythical narrative. The focus, instead, is on the victor himself and on his role in the resettlement of his hometown of Kamarina. The ode refers also to other benefactions credited to the victor, especially the glory of two Olympic victories that made his homeland famous. Extended descriptions of Kamarina and of the victor’s… Read more

A sampling of comments on Pindar Isthmian 8

2017.10.05 | By Gregory Nagy Pindar’s Isthmian 8 highlights the hero Achilles, who is for us defined primarily by the Homeric Iliad—though he had been a prominent figure also in other epic traditions, as we see for example in the surviving plot-outline of the Aithiopis, ‘the song of the Ethiopians’, which was an epic belonging to a body of poetry commonly known as the epic Cycle. Also highlighted in Isthmian… Read more

A sampling of comments on Pindar Nemean 7

2017.09.28 | By Gregory Nagy Pindar’s Nemean 7 is to me one of his most exquisite compositions. For literary critics, however, the compactness and precision of Nemean 7 make this song a most intimidating work of art. What I offer here is merely a modest attempt at a start in interpreting some of the song’s most radiant moments. Suicide of Ajax, from the Eurytios Krater (Corinthian column-krater from Cerveteri, ca.… Read more

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