The Shield of Achilles, by Kevin McGrath

Flow, by Jonathan Galassi

Down the path between the apples through the maple grove of suicides then left at the old wall along the wire fence to the brook- bank where narcissus noses into skunk cabbage and hepatica: Call me Apollo, crashing in the underbrush    with my arrows, my bow saw and clippers    out for your flash of white tail and alert to hack me a path to your lair, to your cult’s den,   … Read more

The Charioteer: two poems by Agathi Dimitrouka

Translated by Natasha Bershadsky Hippolytus and Phaedra To Gregory Nagy narration Hippolytus, young, beautiful and modest, son of Theseus and some Amazon, was devoted to Artemis, scorning Aphrodite. The offended goddess of love inspired in Phaedra, his stepmother, a vehement passion for him: she used to go from Athens to Troezen, hiding herself behind a myrtle tree and peeking at him during his athletic exercises; and as the desire was… Read more

Temporary like Achilles #2 and Kerouacts 1-6, by Thomas Palaima

Temporary Like Achilles #2 (for Leon Golden) Inspired by Achilles’ own words Iliad 1.149–171, 1.365–392, 9.308–429 'Rage,' Homer sings. 'Sing the rage of Achilles.' Twenty-three raids, twenty-three sieges of cities, all taken, feeding soldiers and the pride-lust of commanders. A true shepherd of the forces. Unique in speed afoot, strategic brilliance, endurance and making men endure and save themselves from themselves. Noble, caring even of spear captives. Briseis loved him.… Read more

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