Stitching together the Lelantine War

What GN owes OMD

2018.02.14 (formally presented 2018.02.11) | By Gregory Nagy This posting of 2018.02.14, on Valentine’s Day, marks the third anniversary of Classical Inquiries, which began with a posting that dates from 2015.02.14, Valentine’s Day three years ago. The author of the present posting has received permission from Niloofar Fotouhi, editor-in-chief of, to replicate his contribution to that online publication celebrating the 66th birthday of Olga M. Davidson. The title of… Read more

Draft of a declaration by the founding authors of A Homer commentary in progress

2017.11.12 / updated 2018.08.24 and 2020.01.19, 2020.07.27 | By Gregory Nagy §0. This draft of mine is meant as a first step leading toward a more formal declaration shared by the three founding authors of A Homer commentary in progress: Douglas Frame, Leonard Muellner, Gregory Nagy. The signatures for our joint declaration are represented by thumbnail images of the covers for three books of ours centering on Homer. The books are… Read more

Previewing a concise inventory of Greek etymologies, Part 3

2016.06.10 | By Olga Levaniouk In his posting of 2016.01.15, Gregory Nagy previewed A concise inventory of Greek etymologies (CIGE), to be edited by me and to be published by the Center for Hellenic Studies ( in the online journal named Classics@, Issue 18. This first preview was followed by another one, by myself, in a posting of 2016.01.31. Both previews included a sample of entries that will feature in… Read more

Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies and the National Gallery of Art Collaborate to Shine Light on Ancient Greek Bronzes, Part 1

2016.02.23 | By Keith Stone Bronze head depicting Arsinoe II, Greek, Ptolemaic Hellenistic Period ca. 300–270 B.C.E. Photo by Rob Shelley. The editors of Classical Inquires are pleased to announce a public event held at the National Gallery of Art on February 18, 2016 titled “A priestess or a goddess: The problem of identity in some female hellenistic sculptures.” It was the first of two panel discussions coordinated with Harvard’s Center for… Read more

The rhetoric of national literature in the shaping of the lives of poets

2015.12.18 | By Gregory Nagy The combined research of Nagy and Davidson on ancient “Life of Homer” and medieval “Life of Ferdowsi” narratives respectively has shown that the traditional “biographies” about these two poets, as transmitted by a vast variety of communities, can be studied as sources of historical information about the reception of Homer and Ferdowsi. Even though the stories about these poets’ lives are myths, the actual uses… Read more

An experiment in combining visual art with translations of Sappho, Part 2

2015.11.09 | By Gregory Nagy On 2015.10.9 Classical Inquiries published the first in a series of experiments combining the artwork of cartoonist, painter, and archaeological illustrator Glynnis Fawkes with my translations of Sappho.  This second installment presents one of the “newest Sappho” fragments known as the “Brothers Song.”1 Notes 1 For more on the “newest Sappho,” including my translation of the “Brothers Song,” see “Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited,” Classical Inquiries 2015.10.01. Read more

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