MASt@CHS – Spring Seminar 2021 (Friday, April 16): Summaries of Presentations and Discussion

2021.06.10 | By Rachele Pierini and Tom Palaima
§1. Rachele Pierini opened the Spring session of the MASt@CHS seminars by welcoming the participants to the session. In addition to the regular members of the MASt@CHS network and colleagues and students who have already attended previous session, new guests joined the April 16 meeting: Elena Dzukeska, Massimo Perna, Kim Shelton, Trevor Van Damme, and Malcolm H. Wiener. This seminar session was the meeting of the two Morrises. The presenters for the Spring 2021 meeting were Sarah Morris, who is a regular member of the MASt@CHS group, and Morris Silver, who resumed his treatment of the cultural significance and economic importance of purple cloth that he began guiding us through in the Winter 2021 MASt@CHS session.