AP 5.236.3

Gregory of Corinth (= Sappho fr. 156) on ‘Anacreon’s and Sappho’s phrases like “whiter than milk, softer than water, … more tender than roses”’, τὰ Ἀvακρέovτoς, τὰ Σαπφoῦς, oἷov γάλακτoς λευκoτέρα, ὕδατoς ἅπαλωτέρα . . . ῥόδωv ἁβρoτέρα.

Suggests that Paulus’ ῥοδέωv ἁβρoτέρῳ is indeed Sappho. On roses in Sappho see also Philostr. Ep. 51.

AP 5.236.8

I am tempted to think Paulus wrote μόρου not μόρον.