Homer commentary

A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 1

2017.03.02 / updated 2018.10.06 | By Gregory Nagy The comments I offer in Classical Inquiries on Odyssey Rhapsody 1 through Rhapsody 24, starting here with Rhapsody 1, are based mostly on details that derive from seven books that I indicate in the Bibliography by way of these abbreviations: BA, GMP, H24H, HC, HPC, HQ, HR, MoM, PasP, PH. Each one of these books has its own index locorum. My colleague… Read more

An anchor comment on the tomb of Achilles at Odyssey 24.76–84

2017.01.03 | By Gregory Nagy The Homeric Iliad as we have it refers at least two times directly and two times indirectly to the tomb of Achilles, while the Odyssey refers to it one time directly. In the direct references that we see in the Iliad, it is made clear that this tomb starts off as a small-scale structure, located at the same place where a funeral pyre is constructed… Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 24

2016.12.31 / updated 2018.09.20 | By Gregory Nagy The Iliad ends with the funeral of Hector, not of Achilles. And it is Hector, not Achilles, who is lamented at the end. But it is Achilles who makes it all happen, since he has transcended his rage and has shown mercy to an old father. The tears of Priam had made Achilles think of his own old father, of his own… Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 23

2016.12.30 / updated 2018.09.20 | By Gregory Nagy The funeral that Achilles arranges here for Patroklos in the Iliad is in some ways a preview of the funeral that the Achaeans will arrange for Achilles himself beyond the time-frame of the Iliad. A high point of the funeral in Iliad 23 is a spectacular chariot race arranged by Achilles to honor his dead comrade Patroklos. But an earlier high point… Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 22

2016.12.24 / updated 2018.09.20 | By Gregory Nagy The time has come for Hector to die at the hands of Achilles, and his final moments of life are singularly grim. Achilles shows him no mercy, expressing the most brutal thoughts even before he vengefully finishes off the killer of Patroklos. Hector is forced to know in advance, before he loses consciousness to the death blow from Achilles, that his executioner… Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 21

2016.12.15 / updated 2018.09.20 | By Gregory Nagy The momentum of Achilles continues to heat up. The Trojans are now retreating as fast as they can, heading back toward Troy to find safety there within the sacred walls of that ancient citadel. In their hurry to get away from the field of battle, their hasty retreat has quickly turned into a chaotic and humiliating rout. Achilles is right behind them,… Read more