Thoughts about heroes, athletes, poetry

2018.08.10 | By Gregory Nagy §0. The picture on the cover makes me think about heroes, athletes, and poetry. What we see is an Amazon, riding on horseback, engaged in mortal combat with a male adversary. As I have shown in previous postings about Amazons, especially in my comments on Antiope, queen of the Amazons, in Classical Inquiries 2017.10.18, these female warriors were considered to be not only heroes but… Read more

Introducing Classical Inquiries

2015.05.20 | By Keith Stone As editors of the site formerly known as H24H Dialogues, we are announcing a shift to the name Classical Inquiries. The name Classical Inquiries reflects a shift in the site’s mission, from postings by Gregory Nagy that supplement the content of his book The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours to postings by various members of the CHS research community on wider aspects of the… Read more


Welcome to Classical Inquiries! The front page of this website will feature the latest posts from Nagy and his intergenerational team. In the next few days we will share a post related to content in Hour 20 of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours. This addendum will examine… Read more