A Turkish Angora Cat in Paris: An insight into Catullus’ ‘Sparrow Poem’ (c. 2) arising from a Modern Greek Song

2019.03.18 | By Lucia Athanassaki This response has been inspired by Gregory Nagy’s discussion of Catullus’ famous ‘Sparrow Poem’ (c. 2) in Classical Inquiries 2018.12.13. According to Nagy, Catullus’ model was Sappho’s ‘Sparrow Song’, lost to us but not to Catullus, in which the Lesbian poet expressed her affection for her little sparrow. Taking my lead from a Modern Greek pet song, I shall explore a slightly different path, the possibility… Read more

A scenario for exchanges of comments on a planned monograph about the ancient reception of Sappho

2019.03.08 | By Gregory Nagy As the title of this posting for 2019.03.08 indicates, I am planning to produce a monograph about the ancient reception of Sappho, and part of the plan is to organize a system for exchanging comments about this monograph, the text of which is I think not yet ready for publication in print. In this posting, I attempt to get the conversation started by making selected… Read more

About the Green Ray of Jules Verne and Eric Rohmer

2018.10.28 | By Gregory Nagy §0. It is summer. A young woman and a young man are sitting side by side at a beachfront, looking out toward the vast sea that is facing them. They aim their gaze westward, viewing what seems like an infinite stretch of water that reaches all the way to the darkening horizon where the sea finally meets an infinite sky. As they watch the sun… Read more

Commentary on The Tales of Hoffmann

2017.11.02 | By Gregory Nagy On the film The Tales of Hoffmann (1951). Commentary by Gregory Nagy 2012.11.11, revised 2017.10.23. For a prior commentary, see §§34–45 of ch.1 of Nagy’s Masterpieces of Metonymy. On the original opera Les Contes d’Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach, Nagy offers extensive analysis in The 1951 film The Tales of Hoffmann is currently re-distributed by Criterion Collection, Janus Films, Studio, a Canal+ Company. Featured in… Read more

Mages and Ionians

2017.06.26 | By Gregory Nagy This text is the basis for a lecture I presented in Budapest, Hungary, 2017.06.26, on the occasion of my induction as a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia). The lecture, which I had composed in Hungarian, was an abridged version of what I present here in English. Read more

Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited—with special reference to the “newest Sappho”

2015.10.01 | By Gregory Nagy This essay is the third part of a tripartite project. The first part, “Genre and Occasion,” was published in ΜΗΤΙΣ (1994), and the second part, “Transmission of Archaic Greek Sympotic Songs: From Lesbos to Alexandria,” was published ten years later in Critical Inquiry (2004). These two essays are both listed in the Bibliography below. The present essay, “Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited,” is published… Read more