blond hair

Blond hair in the tomb of Meresankh?

2015.08.19 | By Peter Der Manuelian On April 23rd, 1927, the very last day of the season’s work in the Eastern Cemetery, the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition under George Reisner, was cleaning the east face of a tomb. Suddenly a doorway appeared in an unusual place: below ground level. Two unique inscriptions flanked the entranceway, giving the name of the tomb-owner as Queen Meresankh. Read more

About three fair-haired Egyptian queens

2015.08.19 | By Gregory Nagy Thanks to the Giza Project at Harvard as directed by Professor Peter Der Manuelian, the discoveries and discovery procedures of pioneer archaeologists like George Reisner can be analyzed and applied to such intriguing questions as the blond ambition, as it were, of queens and courtesans in Egypt. The Classical Inquiries team has succeeded in persuading the Director of the Giza Archives Project to describe the… Read more