Eight glimpses of Marathon in Scroll 1 of Pausanias

2016.07.14 | By Gregory Nagy I am working on an ongoing project entitled “A Pausanias Reader in Progress,” where I translate and comment on Scrolls 1–9 of Pausanias. In my posting here for 2016.07.14, I concentrate on eight passages in Pausanias Scroll 1 that refer to Marathon in general and to the Battle of Marathon in particular. The translations are almost entirely my own, though at times I follow closely… Read more

Things noted during eight days of travel-study in Greece, 2016.06.10–18

2016.06.24 | By Gregory Nagy During the eight full days of contact time for myself and the participants of a Harvard travel-study program, 2016.06.10–18, I tried each day to focus on things to see at each ancient site we visited. Wherever it was possible, I used as my primary ancient source the reportage of the ancient traveler Pausanias, who flourished in the second century CE and whose Greek text is… Read more