Mnesiepes Inscription

The sad story of a priestess in love: a resacralizing of sex in Greek myth and ritual

2018.07.13 | By Gregory Nagy §0. The remarks in this post, dated 2018.07.13, pick up from where I left off toward the end of the posting dated 2018.07.06. There I drew attention to a valuable article by Giampiera Arrigoni (1983), who explores a wide variety of ancient Greek stories about amorous encounters that take place in sacred spaces. The story of one such encounter, noted in her article (pp. 15–16,… Read more

Erotic desecration and sacralization in Greek myth and ritual

2018.07.06 | By Gregory Nagy §0. The brief remarks in this post, dated 2018.07.06, pick up from where I left off in the post that is dated 2018.06.30. In my more lengthy remarks there, at §10, I started to argue that the erotic activity as narrated by the first-person speaker in the so-called First Cologne Epode of Archilochus, F 196a W, is ultimately not an act of desecration but rather… Read more

Sacred Space as a frame for lyric occasions: The case of the Mnesiepes Inscription and other possible cases

2018.06.30 | By Gregory Nagy The three terms sacred space and frame and lyric occasions in the primary title of this presentation all need to be questioned for their meanings, which depend in each case on the overall meaning of the title that combines these terms. As for the words case and cases in the secondary title, they refer to specific examples that give context to my questioning of the… Read more