Nikos Gatsos

Fourteen poems by Agathí Dimitroúka

2018.12.12 | Introduced by Gregory Nagy It is such an honor for me to be given the opportunity of introducing a set of poems by Agathí Dimitroúka (Αγαθή Δημητρούκα), presented here in Modern Greek. The editor of Classical Inquiries, Keith Stone, tells me of plans to commission translations of these exquisite poems into other languages, including English, but for now the pristine charm of the poetry can already be savored… Read more

‘I’m burning up in flames and I’m drowning’: On the poetry of Nikos Gatsos, inside the music of Stavros Xarhakos, inside the film Rebetiko

2018.10.18 | By Gregory Nagy §0. My comments here celebrate a celebration. The original celebration happened on October 14, 2018, and this happening was given a most remarkable name: “The Gatsos I loved: A concert.” The concert was presented by the Harvard University Library, primarily through the efforts of Rhea Lesage. In gratitude for her accomplishment, I dedicate to her my comments here as a celebration of the original celebration.… Read more