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Plato’s Rhapsody and Homer’s Music: The Poetics of the Panathenaic Festival in Classical Athens

2020.07.03 | By Gregory Nagy The first edition of this book, a printed version, was published in 2002 by the Center for Hellenic Studies; that printed version has been replaced by a corrected online version. And that online version is now replaced here by this new online version, which is in effect a second edition, to be listed as Nagy 2020 in bibliographies. This second edition, launched 2020.07.03 in Classical… Read more

Revisiting Plato’s Rhapsody: A contribution to a colloquium about Poetic (Mis)quotations in Plato

2020.06.26 | By Gregory Nagy §0. The text of this essay, as posted here in Classical Inquiries 2020.06.26, is a pre-edited version of my contribution to an online colloquium, Poetic (Mis)quotations in Plato, the collected essays for which will reside in a special issue of Classics@; the guest-editor of that issue is the organizer of the colloquium, Gwenda-lin Grewal. My essay here, presented for inclusion in that colloquium, is intended… Read more

The Libraries of Alexandria and Pergamon as Classical Models

2020.06.03 | By Gregory Nagy §0. This essay, about the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and the Library of Pergamon in Asia Minor, is an online rewriting-in-progress of an earlier essay, written over two decades ago and published both in print (Nagy 1998a) and online (Nagy 2011). In that essay, as also in two abbreviated rewritings (Nagy 1998b/2001 and Nagy 2001), I argued that these two ancient libraries represented, each… Read more