A piece of the Parthenon in Washington, DC

2019.10.04 | By Ted Widmer In 2013, I spent a happy week at the Center for Hellenic Studies, where I did research on the ways in which Americans read the Odyssey in the 19th century. In my research, I was attuned to the myriad ways in which Americans remembered ancient Greece, including their tendency to misremember it, or confuse it with other civilizations. The Washington Monument offers just one of… Read more

Picturing Archilochus as a cult hero

2018.06.06 | By Gregory Nagy This posting in Classical Inquiries for 2018.06.06 picks up from where I left off in a posting for 2016.03.03, the title of which was “Picturing Homer as a cult hero.” I now turn to a close parallel, which is a picturing of Archilochus as a cult hero in the island state of Paros. Read more