Rhapsody 12

A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 12

2017.06.15 / updated 2018.10.08 | By Gregory Nagy The storytelling of Odysseus is about to confront three of its most mystical moments here: the Song of the Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, the Cattle of the Sun. The myths that shape these moments will become for Odysseus a set of powerful metaphors that drive his own odyssey. [[GN 2017.06.15.]] Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 12

2016.10.05 / updated 2018.09.11 | By Gregory Nagy At the very beginning of Iliad 12, we modern readers may find that we have suddenly hit a wall—the Achaean Wall. It seems difficult for us to understand what the Master Narrator of the Iliad is really saying when he foretells the future destruction or deconstruction of this structure. And the main obstacle to our understanding here is not the presence of… Read more