Rhapsody 14

A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 14

2017.06.29 / updated 2018.10.09 | By Gregory Nagy Now that he has finally returned to his homeland of Ithaca, Odysseus must accomplish another kind of return: he must be restored to kingship. Such a restoration, however, must start from the bottom up. The goddess Athena, his ultimate benefactor but occasional antagonist, has made Odysseus seem to be ‘base’ on the outside, hiding his inner moral nobility. Only those who are… Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 14

2016.10.20 / updated 2018.09.11 | By Gregory Nagy The momentum of the attacking Trojan warriors gets stalled here, since Hērā interrupts the ongoing Plan of Zeus. The goddess seduces the god, and the setting for their divine sexual encounter is the spectacular landscape of Mount Ida, which is the private… Read more