Rhapsody 19

A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 19

2017.07.24 / updated 2018.10.13 | By Gregory Nagy Rhapsody 19 is best known for a scene where Odysseus is recognized by his old nurse Eurykleia. She notices a tell-tale scar on his leg—the result of a wound that marks the moment in his youth when he was gored in a boar hunt. This scar can be seen as a sēma or ‘sign’ of the hero’s identity. [[GN 2017.07.22.]] Read more

A sampling of comments on Iliad Rhapsody 19

2016.12.01 / updated 2018.09.20 | By Gregory Nagy The time has come for Achilles to re-enter the war against the Trojans. For this to happen, Agamemnon must first settle with Achilles. But the over-king feels the need to say more than simply to formulate his proposed terms of settlement. His aim is to excuse himself from responsibility for dishonoring Achilles, and the story that he tells in order to achieve… Read more