The Barley Cakes of Sosipolis and Eileithuia

2015.02.20 | By Gregory Nagy In what follows, I quote a passage in Pausanias that is relevant to my analysis in H24H 15§38 of the rituals connected with the worship of the goddess Eileithuia. In that analysis, I concentrate on the ritual offering of mazai ‘barley cakes’ that are kneaded in meli ‘honey’, as described by Pausanias 6.20.2. Read more

God-Hero Antagonism in the Hippolytus of Euripides

2015.02.14 | By Gregory Nagy In Hour 20 of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours (H24H), I wrote about the hero as a mirror of men’s and women’s experiences in the Hippolytus of Euripides with a focus on the key word telos, ‘end, ending, final moment; goal, completion, fulfillment; coming full circle, rounding out; successfully passing through an ordeal; initiation; ritual, rite’. Read more


Welcome to Classical Inquiries! The front page of this website will feature the latest posts from Nagy and his intergenerational team. In the next few days we will share a post related to content in Hour 20 of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours. This addendum will examine… Read more

La Déesse du mal, by Bézawit Tesfayé

Je suis sur ta pelouse comme une fleur qui éclore, Tu peux m’emplir de frimas ou m’immerger d’aurore. Tu es une blanche écume, terrienne et spirituelle, Tu connais les hommes et les dieux immortels. Déesse phénicienne, Quand tu rajeunis mon âme de tes plaisirs charnels; Je suis… Read more