Douglas Frame

Stitching together the Lelantine War

2018.06.06 | By Natasha Bershadsky, Andrea Debiasi, Douglas Frame, and Gregory Nagy In the following representation of an email conversation that took place May 6 – June 2, 2018, Natasha Bershadsky, Gregory Nagy, Douglas Frame, and Andrea Debiasi engage in an intergenerational exchange of research, debating the vexed question of the nature of the Lelantine War, working out its connections with the Samian epic The Sack of Oikhalia and with… Read more

Draft of a declaration by the founding authors of A Homer commentary in progress

2017.11.12 / updated 2018.08.24 and 2020.01.19 | By Gregory Nagy This draft of mine is meant as a first step leading toward a more formal declaration shared by the three founding authors of A Homer commentary in progress: Douglas Frame, Leonard Muellner, Gregory Nagy. The signatures for our joint declaration are represented by thumbnail images of the covers for three books of ours centering on Homer. The books are listed… Read more