Comments on the visit of Pausanias to Mycenae

2016.06.16 | By Gregory Nagy The focus here is on Pausanias 2.15.2–2.18.3. In this text the author, who lived in the second century CE, is telling about his travels through a region of the Peloponnese known as the Argolid, and a special point of interest for students of the ancient world today is what he says he saw when he visited Mycenae. Read more

Things noted during five days of travel-study in Greece, 2016.03.13–18

2016.03.24 | By Gregory Nagy During the five full days of contact time for myself and the participants of the 2016 Harvard Spring Break travel-study program, I tried each day to focus on three things to see at each ancient site we visited. Wherever it was possible, I used as my primary ancient source the reportage of the ancient traveler Pausanias, who flourished in the second century CE and whose… Read more