Ecumenism and Globalism in the Reception of Ferdowsi and his Book of…

The rhetoric of national literature in the shaping of the lives of poets

2015.12.18 | By Gregory Nagy The combined research of Nagy and Davidson on ancient “Life of Homer” and medieval “Life of Ferdowsi” narratives respectively has shown that the traditional “biographies” about these two poets, as transmitted by a vast variety of communities, can be studied as sources of historical information about the reception of Homer and Ferdowsi. Even though the stories about these poets’ lives are myths, the actual uses… Read more

“Life of Ferdowsi” myths as evidence for the reception of Ferdowsi

2015.12.17 | By Olga Davidson A Multiform Reception of the Shahnama as reflected in the Bâysonghori Preface §1. In a previous study, I argued that the historicized narrative of the so-called Older Preface to the Shahnama of Ferdowsi is strikingly parallel to Ferdowsi’s own poeticized narrative concerning the genesis of the Book of Kings.[1] In the present study, I make a parallel argument with regard to the Bâysonghori Preface. This… Read more

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