Guest Post

Weaving, interrupted

2015.12.03 | By Andromache Karanika Greg Nagy poses an exciting question about the time of female weaving, and, what is more, about song that accompanies the weaving—song that alleviates the monotony of labor but also transforms the sense of time. Is girls’ weaving something that begins with the light of dawn? In Sappho 102, weaving done by girls seems to be a setting for oaroi as ‘love songs’, and the… Read more

“The Voice of the Pipes”—and a third Leslie

2015.10.03 | By Mark Griffith My warm thanks to Gregory Nagy for inviting me to contribute a coda here this week. I was a part of the same conference in Berkeley that he mentions as the occasion for the presentation of his paper, "Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited—with special reference to the 'newest Sappho'," which is now posted here. My own paper entitled, "Was korybantic/orgiastic performance a 'lyric genre'?,"… Read more

Blond hair in the tomb of Meresankh?

2015.08.19 | By Peter Der Manuelian On April 23rd, 1927, the very last day of the season’s work in the Eastern Cemetery, the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition under George Reisner, was cleaning the east face of a tomb. Suddenly a doorway appeared in an unusual place: below ground level. Two unique inscriptions flanked the entranceway, giving the name of the tomb-owner as Queen Meresankh. Read more