Guest Post

A sampling of comments on Pindar Olympian 5

2017.11.10 | By Maša Ćulumović Olympian 5 is one of the few Pindaric odes that lack a mythical narrative. The focus, instead, is on the victor himself and on his role in the resettlement of his hometown of Kamarina. The ode refers also to other benefactions credited to the victor, especially the glory of two Olympic victories that made his homeland famous. Extended descriptions of Kamarina and of the victor’s… Read more

The Timaeus-Critias as a re-weaving of the peplos presented to Athena?

2017.08.10 | By DM Hutchinson More than just a late dialogue concerning natural philosophy, the Timaeus contains a radical project of replacing the Gigantomachy as the charter myth of Athens. In agreement with Gregory Nagy, DM Hutchinson offers some additional considerations for why the Timaeus-Critias constitutes a new peplos to be presented to Athena during the Panathenaic festival. Read more

Notes on Xerxes and His Persian Empire

2017.08.03 | By Olga M. Davidson Adapted from notes written by Olga Davidson and originally published in The Glimmerglass Festival’s 2017 Program Book. The 2017 Glimmerglass production of Handel’s XERXES, directed by Tazewell Thompson, runs through August 18. Read more

Previewing a concise inventory of Greek etymologies, Part 3

2016.06.10 | By Olga Levaniouk In his posting of 2016.01.15, Gregory Nagy previewed A concise inventory of Greek etymologies (CIGE), to be edited by me and to be published by the Center for Hellenic Studies ( in the online journal named Classics@, Issue 18. This first preview was followed by another one, by myself, in a posting of 2016.01.31. Both previews included a sample of entries that will feature in… Read more